Uniques  pieces of jewellery and glyptics
Garnet engraved with a bull fighting a serpent.
(Dimensions of the stone circa 16x12 mm)

                   Who I am         English

"Goldsmith and engraver of precious and semi-precious stones, Luciano Mario Rossi moved from Cortona to Florence in 1978; in Cortona he had received his first encouragement towards sculpture from his father Armando, who was a cabinet-maker.
Against the wishes of his family, Luciano Mario Rossi abandoned his university studies in Biology and, inspired by the glyptic collections in the Museums of Florence, in 1980 he started his own business as an engraver and carver of stones and gems. Though self-taught, after repeated and persistent attempts to copy the examples in the museums, he has become a modern interpreter of this difficult and refined ancient art. But they are not empty words to say that Luciano's works should be looked at in the light of the bitterness of his terrible experience of the physical attack that he suffered in February 1988, costing him an eye. Luciano Mario Rossi, the sculptor, bore this experience in silence, first, an accusation for fraud of certain important people in Florence under suspicious circumstances and then the lack of interest of those responsible for the investigation of the person know to be the aggressor. Consequently, for those able to see within them, these works by Luciano at times express a deep bitterness as well as the desire to rebel against widespread hypocricy."